The Record

Delegate Ayala’s Record

In accepting $25,000 from “clean energy” groups for her 2021 Lt. Governor’s race, Hala Ayala reneged on signed pledges not to accept any funding from Dominion Energy. However, campaign finance reports show she accepted $100,000 from Dominion. We know of “bidding wars” over homes in Northern Virginia, but Ms. Ayala has now taken the concept to new heights in politics

In 2020 and 2021 Delegate Ayala supported numerous bills along with her Democratic colleagues that advanced their far-left agenda in Virginia. Throughout 2020 and most of 2021 Democrat leaders in Virginia, have closed schools while opening up the jails and releasing violent felons. They have tried to incorporate Critical Race Theory in our schools. They supported the defunding of our police, resulting in a major backlash with higher crime rates and resignations in our police departments across Virginia.

With their House majority, Prince William County Democratic representatives in the House of Delegates including Delegate Ayala have spent 2021 passing laws that pushed Virginia farther to the left — including ones to pack the Court of Appealspermanently adopt election law changes from 2020, and adopt California’s vehicle emission standards 

These are in addition to last year, when the Democratic majority passed new laws to eliminate the photo requirement ID to vote, authorize plastic bag taxes and public employee unionsincrease electric billsremove abortion restrictions — along with 7 out of 8 of Governor Northam’s gun control proposals.

Some examples of bills passed include:

  • HB 1896 requires that all health insurance plans offered on Virginia exchanges must include abortion coverage.
  • HB 1888 undermines election integrity by mandating drop boxes for absentee ballots and loosens other electoral requirements.
  • HB 1904 requires teachers and principals pass “cultural competency tests.”
  • HB 2128 lengthens the time the State Police have to approve gun sales or transfers.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act was passed in 2020 as HB 1526 in the House and SB 851 in the Senate in order to incorporate clean energy directions from Governor Northam’s Executive Order Forty-Three in September 2019.  The bill establishes a schedule by which electric companies must retire electric generating units from fossil fuels.  It also includes a timeline by which they must construct, acquire, or purchase energy from sunlight or wind.   Delegate Ayala signed on as a co-sponsor of the bill, and Delegates Ayala, Carrol-Foy, Carter, Guzman, and Roem all voted in favor of the legislation.

Both the heat-driven August 2020 electricity shortage in California, and the cold-driven February 2021 shortage in Texas, were caused in large part by over-reliance, not under-reliance, on weather-dependent renewables like solar panels and wind turbines. 

HB 1937  The Green New Deal Act.  This bill establishes a moratorium on fossil fuels as of January 1, 2022.  Although the bill has not yet passed, Delegates Guzman, Carter, and Roem were all sponsors of this bill, which is intended to mandate the elimination of all fossil fuels.  If passed, the bill would have banned new electricity-generating facilities effective this January. 

Finally, HJ 537 declares racism to be a “public health crisis.”

As Lt. Governor, Delegate Ayala will continue to push Virginia farther to the left and advance the Democrats’ radical agenda in Virginia!


In the 2019 Session of the House of Delegates, Delegate Ayala’s record was among the worst. She filed nine bills, none of which were passed. Several Democrats with 2 years or less in the House of Delegates had more than half of their bills passed. 

Delegate Ayala’s bills failed because they were ill-conceived, poorly written, and presented poorly to the committees.

Delegate Ayala supported numerous other bills submitted by her Democrat colleagues that demonstrated her far-left agenda for Virginia.

2019 Scorecard_Ayala_090219


Hala Ayala – 11 Points

 Abortion Extremist

In 2019, Hala Ayala was one of the group of patrons in the House of Delegates who sponsored the egregious bill put forward by Delegate Kathy Tran (D). The bill itself contains some of the most radical provisions for abortion put forward in the entire country. For one, the bill would allow for an abortion all the way up to the point of birth. When questioned, Kathy Tran admitted that it would even allow for an abortion to take place even when a woman is going into labor. This conflicts with 75% of Americans, who emphatically disapprove of allowing an abortion at any point during the third trimester. This is also true among those who describe themselves as pro-life women and Democrats. Hala Ayala has also sponsored SB1451, which would remove further restrictions on second and third trimester abortions such as the performance of an ultrasound and a determination of medical necessity. When women see the ultrasound of their child, they are more likely to cancel any planned abortion process as they are able to recognize the innate worth of the human being developing inside of the womb.

Hala Ayala’s sponsorship of these bills is incredibly revealing as it exemplifies her disregard for the value of the those who are most innocent among us. Her radical stance on abortion disqualifies her for another term in the House of Delegates.

Advances False Narratives about the ERA

Hala Ayala has sponsored the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) on numerous occasions in spite of the reality for women. Ever since its introduction to the Congress in the 1970s, the bill has been known to hinder special privileges reserved for the economic benefit of women in the work place, severely cut back on their legal protections for alimony and child support, and open the way for unrestricted abortion policies as was recently litigated in in Pennsylvania. Moreover, the federal ratification date for the Equal Rights Amendment expired in the 1980s, so this attempt from Ayala to ratify the bill is ultimately pointless. Delegate Ayala claims the ERA will protect women and enshrine their equality, when in fact the ERA ultimately curtails protections already put in place.

“If you have an amendment that says men and women are completely equal under the eyes of the law, what does that do to those protections that have then been instilled specifically based on gender?” Jennifer Krafchik, deputy director of the National Woman’s Party, explained to CNN.

Passing the ERA now with its original language will have far reaching implications for women that will not necessarily be beneficial.

Sponsored the Virginia Green New Deal

Delegate Ayala sponsored the Virginia Green New Deal bill. The bill itself is modeled after Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s own outrageous bill proposed earlier this year, which claimed to want to get rid of “farting cow” and “airplanes,” with an estimated cost between $52 Trillion dollars and $93 trillion according to a non-partisan study by The Aspen Institute. The Virginia Green New Deal is equally as problematic, containing vague language so as to avoid any serious deliberation and long term impact on Virginia. In one such passage, the bill claims to want to “Direct large investments” into various energy efficient “smart-grids,” the practicality of such an endeavor is not explained. The Virginia Green New Deal is utopian and unrealistic, and there is no proposal for funding it in Virginia’s budget. The Green New Deal has been deemed impracticable by environmental activists and does not belong in Virginia.

Wants to Create an Environmental Bureaucracy

Along with her support for a Green New Deal, Hala Ayala has sponsored a bill which would establish an Environmental Justice Advisory Council as part of the Commonwealth official duties. This Council would consist of 13 members responsible for developing and implementing various regulatory laws and recommendations to the governor, all in the name of “environmental justice.” This additional bureaucracy is also coupled with Ayala’s attempt to prohibit any permit or approval for the construction of a new fossil fuel facility unless they also go through her regulatory requirements and pay possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in the construction of other energy facilities in the state. This would in effect force the energy companies who provide all Virginians with cheap and plentiful energy to raise their costs in order to continue providing us with the power needed to run our state economy. Punishing energy utility companies and constructing needless bureaucratic leviathans is not in the best interest of our economy and is not in the best interest of efficiently conserving the environment.

Soft on Crime in our Schools

Hala Ayala has consistently sponsored bills which would place our students in danger from student who commit crimes on school grounds. Specifically, she has sponsored HB1685, which provides that any student who disrupts the operation of the school at which he is enrolled would not be considered guilty of disorderly conduct. She has also sponsored HB445, which would eliminate the requirement that a school principal report any enumerated act that constitutes a misdemeanor offense to law enforcement. This is beyond reckless for a politician to endorse.

Similar provisions dating back to the Obama years back-fired in Stoneman Douglas High School. Confessed shooter Nikolas Cruz was a disciplinary nightmare for schools before he opened fire in Parkland, Florida — yet there was nothing on his record to stop him from buying a firearm. Therefore he passed the mandatory records check when he purchased the firearm he used to kill students at Stoneman Douglas.

As the Sun Sentinel noted in an article, “Had school administrators reported every crime that actually happened at Stoneman Douglas, it might have raised an alarm that safety was a concern, said April Schentrup, whose daughter Carmen was killed in the Feb. 14 massacre at the school.”

Delegate Ayala is ignoring the reality of such well-intentioned laws that have proven to be a major failure and ultimately protect dangerous students rather than our children.

Supports More Government Control over Education

In her effort to expand the size and role of the government in all matters of the state, Hala Ayala has sponsored legislation that would expand the size of the government bureaucracy in education. The bill would call for a 19-member commission that would have the power to review standards, determine legislative priorities, and receive all of the “administrative staff support” as necessary, which would foment more bureaucratic red-tape and inefficiency in our educational systems. Ayala has also voted against HB2570, which would have given parents more access to their local school’s Family Life Education program as well as allow parents to decide if their children will be exposed to sexually explicit content in school. Ayala’s consistent effort to obfuscate the operation of our educational system and create more bureaucratic red-tape harms the efficiency of our schools and removes decision-making options for parents.  

Opposed to Tax Cuts for Virginians

Hala Ayala voted against HB2529, which would have allowed Single and Married tax filers to receive larger tax deductibles. Specifically, Single Filers would have their standard deduction increase from $4,500 to $9,000 and allow married couples to have their deductibles increase from $3,000 to $6,000. Thankfully, the bill was passed and signed into law despite Ayala’s effort to defeat it. All taxpayers deserve to keep as much of their own hard-earned money as possible, especially those who are most financially in need, those living in our immigrant communities. This vote by Ayala shows yet again how elite politicians believe they know what’s best when it comes to spending your money.

Radically Anti-Second Amendment

Delegate Ayala has consistently received 0% scores from the Virginia Citizens Defense League as well as the NRA. Moreover, she has voted against firearms bills which would allow for local landowners to set their own guidelines for hunting, denying them their local sovereignty. More recently, during the 2019 Special Session I, she sponsored HB4021, which moved to outright ban certain firearm magazines and silencers and make it a Class 6 felony to own, sell, or purchase such items. The United States Constitution enshrines the right of all citizens to keep and bear arms. Ayala’s 0% ratings and consistent votes against the Second Amendment and similar gun right provisions in the Virginia Constitution demonstrate her disregard for the rights of law abiding residents of the Commonwealth.

Supports Sanctuary Cities

Since 2018, Hala Ayala has voted against numerous measures which would safeguard against the establishment of a Sanctuary City in the state of Virginia. Most notably, she voted against HB1257 and SB1156, which would have explicitly prohibited the establishment of a sanctuary city. Moreover, she has voted against HB2270, which would have ensured cooperation with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in making them aware of any criminal illegal immigrant who was recently incarcerated in one of our local prisons. Moreover, she has sponsored HB2392, which would prohibit any inquiries into an incarcerated individual’s immigration status. Delegate Ayala’s support of sanctuary city policies allows criminal illegal immigrants to reside in our immigrant communities and victimize their residents.

Most notably, just this past few months in Montgomery County, Maryland, after the County’s Executive Marc Elrich (D) prohibited all executive agencies from cooperating with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, it was discovered that at least 7 undocumented immigrants were arrested for sex crimes committed in the state. One such incident involved an 11-year old girl who was brutally raped and assaulted, and another incident involved a woman who was nearly choked to death in her own apartment hallway. Ironically, Democrats’ attempts to protect immigrants with sanctuary city policies are actually placing them in danger, because sanctuary cities and communities harbor illegal immigrant criminals, who live among those who came her legally and are trying to make a better life for themselves.

Supports Radical Voter Registration and Election Measures

Hala Ayala has sponsored both HB1658 and HB1904, measures which would introduce a radically new voter registration and voting system in our state. Specifically, they would allow a voter to not only register, but to vote on election day, as well as develop a system whereby residents can vote by mail. These laws would reduce voter integrity measures that have been in place for years. According to a Pew Research study, 65% of all voters oppose any measure to conduct elections by mail. These measures by Ayala would not only run against public opinion, but they would also increase opportunities for voter fraud in our elections.

Soft on Crime

One of Delegate Ayala’s main efforts throughout her career has been to make it easier for criminals to get away with committing crimes. Specifically, in 2018, she sponsored HB113, which would have increased the threshold for a grand larceny from $200 to $1,000. Later, she would go on to sponsor HB1550 (twice), which would increase the threshold from $200 to $500. Unfortunately, HB1550 passed and was signed into law by the Governor. Yet, in 2019, Ayala sponsored HB1651, which would have again increased the recently changed grand larceny threshold from $500 to $750.

Delegate Ayala has consistently supported laws that are soft on crime.  One of the most basic functions of the government is to ensure the safety of its citizens; however, Delegate Ayala’s proposals would hinder the government’s ability to ensure public safety.